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Hong Kong Cyberport

Red Koda Software Limited

Are you looking for a fun, unique and enjoyable way to gamble online without going broke? Or maybe you’d like to polish up your gambling skills with powerful training tools and fun games so you can become the next World Class Gambler and make the money of your dreams?

No matter if you simply want to kick back in your favorite chair at home and play amazing casino games or want to sharpen your own gambling skills and tactics, KKQueen is bringing the fun directly to you! We provide you only the very best when it comes to FREE, high-quality casino games and tools that you’re going to love!

We believe that you should feel the ultimate experience of winning more (and losing less!) while having the time of your life! And most of all, do it all from the comfort of your own home and without breaking your bank account!

Vision and Mission:

  • Serve gambling lovers with high-quality education and entertainment
  • Effective tools foster world-class gamblers to win more and lose less
  • Create a safe, fun environment where gamblers can learn, relax, and play for free


Red Koda Software Limited,
WS6, Smart-Space 2, Unit 1205-1208, 12/F,
Cyberport 2, 100 Cyberport Road, Hong Kong.

Tel: +852 3598-3490
Email: info@redkoda.com